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Institute of Human Resources and strategic management of Nigeria is a professional body registered by the Federal Ministry of Education, Federal Ministry of Justice and Corporate Affairs Commission to redefine human resources and strategic management practice and profession by integrate and bring to the understanding of other disciplines and faculties that human resources and strategic management is a universal academic discipline which cut cross all facet of life, however to be a professional and practitioner in respective of one’s academic and profession discipline an individual must be inducted into our professional membership certification program through training and retraining, seminars, workshops, examination where it is applied or through qualification or experience.

Our specialization

human resources

In today’s highly sophisticated global business environment where all organizations in the same industry tend to have access to the same fundamental resources, similar technologies, infrastructural process, systems and philosophy, what creates and maintains a competitive edge, advantage and difference is the understanding and application of the fundamental of human resources and strategic management which the Institute of Human Resources and Strategic Management (IHRSM) of Nigeria offers.

Human Resources and Strategic management are two facilities that drive organizational success, for any organization to succeed with its stakeholders; it must first succeeding the workplace with human resources (people) and strategy.


In every human relationship either formal or informal we display attitudes, characters and behaviors that are conflicting with others, as a result of our personal indifference due to our social economic, religious and educational background which create misunderstanding of intention and interest either in the work place or our immediate home.

The understanding and the application of the human resources and strategic management principles and practices is a driving force in resolving or managing conflicts in the work place or in our homes. It is interesting to note that everybody in respective of the academic, technical discipline and professional qualification is an HR manager. As we relate, coordinate, interpret, manage our personal and other people’s behaviors and characters in other to achieve defined individual and organizational goals and objectives we are human resources and strategic practitioners, however the need for human resources and strategic management membership certification is to officially and professionally affirm one the rights, privileges and status of Human Resources and strategic management practitioner and professional. And

  • To professionally integrate people of different views and opinions
  • To strategically manipulate people’s thoughts and behaviors without been offended
  • To drive any organization strategically and passionately to sustainable performance