To educate through professionalism the understanding and application of modern practices of human resources and strategic management.

    To equip Corp Members and undergraduate to the benefits of Human Resources and Strategic Management.

    To mentor and guide Corp Members and undergraduates for tomorrow’s leadership role.

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  • Privileges of Human Resources and strategic management practitioner and professional..

    To professionally integrate people of different views and opinions

    To strategically manipulate people’s thoughts and behaviors without been offended

    To drive any organization strategically and passionately to sustainable performance

    To interpret and modify people’s thoughts, behaviors, characters and attitudes for organizational and societal acceptability


    A card carry member of the prestigious institute.

    Leadership and management competency

    Competitive advantage in the labor market

    Opportunity of gainful employment


    Principles and Practice of Human Resources and Strategic Management

    Attitude and Character Management n the Workplace

    Career and Skill Development

    Employee and Employer Relationships

    Leadership Development

Better Support

CIHRMS addresses the entire spectrum of enterprise payroll requirements, thereby ensuring accurate, faster and more efficient payroll processing with relative configuration.


CIHRMS allows you to enhance your recruitment process by making it simple, transparent, intuitive and interactive. This is achieved by streamlining the entire hiring process.


CIHRMS allows you to align your workforce with organizational goals by tracking relevant milestones or key employee performance indicators throughout the year.

Work Time

Timesheet Management module monitors and generates timesheets for each employee, tracking regular working hours, as well as overtime and time off payments.


The Institute of Chartered Human Resources and Strategic Management (CIHRSM) of Nigeria organizes bye annual induction program for all category of new members.


The induction program is usually complemented with either training or seminar or workshop.


Members will be issued certificate of participation and professional membership certificate.

Chartered Institute of Human Resources and strategic management of Nigeria is a professional body registered by the Federal Ministry of Education, Federal Ministry of Justice and Corporate Affairs Commission to redefine human resources and strategic management practice and profession by integrate and bring to the understanding of other disciplines and faculties that human resources and strategic management is a universal academic discipline which cut cross all facet of life, however to be a professional and practitioner in respective of one’s academic and profession discipline an individual must be inducted into our professional membership certification program through training and retraining, seminars, workshops, examination where it is applied or through qualification or experience.


Chartered Institute of Human Resources and strategic management of Nigeria

CIHRSM through its board of examiners will conduct examinations for NYSC Members under their SAED program and undergraduate who are in their final year either in the university or polytechnic for those who registered as graduate member. Lectures will run for three months thereafter they will be examined, based on their performance Proficiency Certification in Human Resources and Strategic Management and Professional Graduate Membership Certificate will be awarded to successful candidates

Associate, Direct and fellow Membership will be admitted into the professional body through Qualification, Exemption and Experience pending when the Governing Council of the Institute will decide on the examination

CIHRSM of Nigeria!

Chartered Institute of Human Resources and strategic management of Nigeria


NYSC partnership under SAED programme

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