In every human relationship either formal or informal we display attitudes, characters and behaviors that are conflicting with others, as a result of our personal indifference due to our social economic, religious and educational background which create misunderstanding of intention and interest either in the work place or our immediate home.

The understanding and the application of the human resources and strategic management principles and practices is the driving force in resolving or managing conflicts in the work place or in our homes. It is interesting to note as we relate, coordinate, interpret, manage our personal and other people’s behaviors and characters through our   academic, technical and professional discipline and qualification   in other to achieve our defined individual and organizational goals and objectives we are human resources and strategic practitioners.

However the need for human resources and strategic management membership certification is to officially and professionally affirm one the rights, privileges and status of Human Resources and strategic management practitioner and professional..

  • To professionally integrate people of different views and opinions
  • To strategically manipulate people’s thoughts and behaviors without been offended
  • To drive any organization strategically and passionately to sustainable performance
  • To interpret and modify people’s thoughts, behaviors, characters and attitudes for organizational and societal acceptability
  • To individually and collectively resolve conflict(s) among organizational members
  • To exhibit both leadership and managerial skill with understanding of emotional intelligence
  • To affiliate and associate with other professional members of the Institute