The concept

Professional Certificate is acquired body of knowledge by which IHRSM recognize that individuals {Members} have attained and obtained the stipulated qualification prescribed by the professional standard set by the institute.

This is based on minimum level of standard of knowledge for certification at a given period.

Members are expected to improve on their professional competence and professionalism through the attendance of seminars, workshops and training

The minimum level herein shall be reviewed bi-annually in other to maintain and raise the standard to global competitiveness in human resources and strategic management standard.

Professional programmes, courses, and training are developed and structured in other to foster Integrity, Professionalism, Confidence, Competence, Value added, Networking, and Organizational Transformation for individual and organizational success and performance

The achievement of the professional standard by IHRSM is by means of formal regular attendance of Trainings, Seminars and Workshop organized by the Institute the courses and lecture are structured and designed to meet Local and International practice in human resources and strategic management standard